Film Equipment Tracking

Use our ShieldGPS devices to track high end film cinematography, photography, and videography assets for movie shoots, consignment, or renting/leasing.

Gain an extra piece of mind knowing where your high-end film production equipment is with a ShieldGPS tracking device. Simply attach a ShieldGPS AT1 or ShieldGPS AT6 onto cameras, cases, lenses, lighting equipment, audio equipment or otherwise to monitor, track, and find your equipment easily. No more worrying about where things are because you can easily find it pinpointed on a map with our Android or iOS app.

Are you a filmmaker or film producer?

on set film production

Any filmmaker or producer knows that equipment needs to travel to get to the shooting location. With our ShieldGPS device, you no longer have to worry about knowing when your equipment will arrive on location. Our ShieldGPS devices can reduce your overhead by optimizing labor costs; know exactly where things are and when they’ll arrive.

Moving expensive equipment around on a plane? Do not let your equipment get lost in the gallows of an airline's lost and found pile, or even worse, getting it stolen. Simply stow one of our ShieldGPS tracking devices in the traveling case and get the piece of mind you need knowing where your equipment is at all times.

Lower production costs and gain better accounting insights by using our robust software platform to integrate with your scheduling or accounting software. Know when things will arrive, schedule your staff, and ensure the smoothest shoot as possible. Place the devices onto vehicles carrying an array of equipment, or auxiliary equipment such as trailers to ensure everything is in place to begin film production.

Using our ShieldGPS device, filmmakers and film producers can …

  • Reduce your total production costs
  • Maximize your shoot day potential
  • Optimize your labor costs
  • Know when your equipment leaves an area (geofencing)
  • More accurate scheduling and staffing
  • Track expenses and costs more easily

AT1 Location Tracker at1

The AT1 location tracker is ideal to stow away on equipment, equipment cases, and/or traveling cases. With the ability to extend the battery life by reducing the location update frequency, this product is ideal for short to long term tracking.

OB22 Location Tracker ob22

Our OB22 tracker makes managing your vehicle fleet easier. Know when essential vehicles carrying production equipment arrives (and leaves) location sites.

Do you lease or rent your film production equipment, either on consignment or otherwise?

on set film production

Protect your high end equipment for rent or lease with our ShieldGPS devices. With a ShieldGPS device, you can know your equipment’s whereabouts at all times and see real time information when your equipment is rented out (and know when it is not). Use this information for more accurate invoicing, easier accounting, and verification. Will the equipment be leased out for extended periods of time?

With a ShieldGPS device, leasors & consignors can …

  • Know when your equipment is on a site, and when it leaves an area (geofencing)
  • Better track your more valuable assets
  • Gain more accurate invoicing
  • Verify that your assets are being used as you think they should
  • Lessen the likelihood of theft and make asset recovery easier