GPS tracking and anti-theft solutions for business and personal use.

ShieldGPS creates industry leading hardware and software to offer complete vehicle and asset security.


The ShieldGPS app for Android, iOS and desktop provides you with the data to stay in control and keep your assets safe.

  • Mileage and trip logs

    See journeys your tracker has made in chronological order, tracking mileage and vital stats.

  • Infractions and poor driving

    Setup speed alerts to know when a vehicle speeds, receive notifications for harsh braking and acceleration.

  • Multiple vehicle accounts

    Monitor multiple devices from within one account. Perfect for fleet or multiple asset monitoring.

  • Unlimited live tracking

    Realtime location updates directly from your device without delay or restriction. Our trackers upload GPS positioning to you every 10 seconds.

  • Geo fences

    Create geofences and alerts to be notified when your device enters or leaves an area you define.

  • Smart lock

    Create smart, one-time, Geofences positioned at your current device location to receive an alert if the tracker moves.

  • Route history and playback

    Visualise where your tracker has been for days, weeks or months. Playback journey movements over time periods that you define.

GPS Trackers

ShieldGPS VO1 - 4G OBD GPS Tracker for Cars & Vehicles



Latest 4G network tracker. Great for vehicle tracking and anti-theft.

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ShieldGPS AT2 - Small Portable 4G GPS Tracker



Latest 4G network tracker. Great for personal tracking.

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Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Yes, all new devices come with a 7 day trial period. We won't charge you until after your trial period has ended. If you find ShieldGPS isn't that right fit during the trial period then you can cancel your subscription without any charge.

Yes, you can change or cancel your plan at any time by contacting

You can change or cancel your subscription at any time by emailing us at with your account email address and device IMEI number (15 digits found inside your app).

Email us at with your account email address and device IMEI number (15 digits found inside your app).

Yes, your account supports an unlimited number of active trackers. Just note that each tracker requires it's own subscription.

You have a choice of using our iOS, Android, or Web application to view your location data.

All of our devices use state of the art GPS technology and record location information that is accurate to a few meters.

Check out our Support Center. Or email us anytime at