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ShieldGPS creates and sells GPS tracking and anti-theft solutions for business and personal use.

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Track vehicles

Use our vehicle tracking devices to locate and monitor cars, trucks, RV's, trailers and boats. We offer both battery powered and wired devices.

Locate equipment

Locate and secure valuable equipment. Save valuable time determing tracking and recording product inventory.

Prevent theft

Use any of our tracking devices to create geofences and location locks around important assets. Be alerted the minute your asset moves. Prevent theft and unauthorized use.

Monitor shipments

Valuable shipments can be located and tracked using any of our battery powered devices.

Locate others

For children, the elderly and disabled or a spouse. Locate the people that are important to you using our mini personal tracking device. It's tiny enough to fit in a pocket or around your wrist.

Keep pets safe

Keep your pets safe with our mini personal GPS tracker that's small enough to attach to a collar and wear around the neck. Have peace of mind knowing that you'll know the moment your pet strays far.

Our Tracking Devices

VO1 4G Hidden GPS Tracker for Cars & Vehicles

  • Always on OBDII connection to your vehicle
  • Tamper detection
  • Access via computer, phone or tablet
  • Geofencing, alerts and mileage
  • Perfect for vehicles and fleets

AT2 Small Portable 4G GPS Tracker

  • 1 - 3 week battery life
  • Emergency alert button
  • Access via computer, phone or tablet
  • Geofencing and alerts
  • Perfect for vehicles, trailers, boats and equipment

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can purchase a service plan during device activation once your device has arrived. A monthly service plan is required to receive location data from your device and it covers the cost of cellular connectivity and our infrastructure.

  • All of our devices use state of the art GPS technology and record location information that are accurate to a few meters (yards).

  • Not all our devices require or use a battery but for those that do, charge typically lasts anywhere from 7-30 days depending on usage. The exact duration varies and is affected by factors such as distance to cell towers, amount of movement, ambient temperatures, etc.

  • You have a choice of using our iOS, Android, or web application to view location data.

  • If you're using either of our iOS or Android apps then you'll receive a push notification when your track enters or exits a geofenced area that you define. If you're using our web app then you'll receive an email notification to your registered email address.

  • Check out our help center. Here you can find extensive support articles including user guides and further FAQs. Alternatively you can contact our support team at