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Optimize costs and efficiently manage your construction site with our ShieldGPS tracking devices. Simply attach a ShieldGPS device to nearly any piece of equipment to get real time location updates, engine hours, theft alerts, and more. ShieldGPS makes it easy to track things that matter the most.

Do you work in construction? Are you a contractor, or work as a subcontractor?

heavy construction equipment

Any contractor knows getting timing is the key for maximizing the construction work day. Place our ShieldGPS devices onto company vehicles to more easily track and coordinate crew arrivals times and departures times in even the most construction sites. Save costs and easily track scheduling by integrating your scheduling and budgeting software with our integrated platform; our tracking platform makes it easier to schedule crew and create billable timesheets.

Conveniently track your equipment at all times using our mobile app or desktop app. Manage the location of vehicles, equipment, and tools with precise accuracy; run your operations more efficiently by ensuring trucks arrive on time, lower costs by paying only what you use for, and secure equipment.

Using our ShieldGPS device, contractors and builders can …

  • Schedule crew, sub-contractors, and deliveries more efficiently
  • Optimize labor costs to maximize your work day
  • Know exactly where your critical construction equipment is at all times
  • Know when your equipment leaves an area (geofencing)
  • Track expenses and costs more easily

AT1 Location Tracker at1

Our AT1 tracker is ideal for heavy, light, or freestanding construction equipment. Increased battery life with waterproof housing, our AT1 comes with a magnetic plate making it easily attachable to nearly any metallic surface.

OB22 Location Tracker ob22

Use our OB22 tracker for tracking heavy rental equipment. The battery is powered by the machine's power supply making it an ideal solution for earth moving machinery

Do you rent or lease construction equipment to others?

construction equipment rental yard

Easily lease or rent equipment to others on monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly rates with our ShieldGPS platform. Our platform allows users to retrieve historical data on where and when a piece of equipment enabling you to create more accurate invoices, schedule new customer pickup, and estimate costs.

Reduce the time between rentals to maximize your profits. With our ShieldGPS devices, you can more easily schedule back-to-back rentals ShieldGPS also helps prevent loss by showing you exactly where your equipment is located. Our devices are small and can be discretely attached to metallic surfaces in discrete locations.

Using our ShieldGPS device, equipment rental lease companies can …

  • Schedule back-to-back rentals more easily to maximize your profits
  • Know when your equipment is on a site, and when it leaves an area (geofencing)
  • Track your most valuable assets nearly anywhere in the United States, Canada, and even Mexico.
  • Verify that your assets are being used as you think they should
  • Lessen the likelihood of theft, or make asset recovery easier